The School gives equal importance to co-scholastic activities aimed at the overall development of students. The principles of honesty, co-operation, self-reliance and hard work are inculcated through this training. Competitions both intra-school and inter-school are held regularly to provide opportunities for greater scope, development and self-confidence.

Various sports, games and intellectual activities are practised by students during school hours as part of the physical education programme. These include Basketball, Football, Mass Drills, Athletic events, Shuttle Badminton, Chess etc.

Various clubs such as Mathematics Club, Science Club, literacy club etc. provide the right platform for students to showcase their talents.

Extra Curricular Activities

We believe that the co-scholastic activities such as Physical Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts offer opportunities for the development of imagination, sense of aesthetics, sensitivity and inventiveness, all of which are requirements of a balanced curriculum. These contribute towards physical fitness and provide a means for personal expression and the articulation of ideas.

We are keen to encourage students to develop new interests, because extracurricular activity plays an important role in building confidence and happiness according to their interests.

We offer the following activities with support from professionals and facilities hired. These activities are offered from September to June, after the regular school hours with extra payment.

Activity Gender Grades Total Sessions per Month Duration per week
Aerobics Girls 3 to 12 4 1 Hour
Basketball Boys 5 to 12 4 1 Hour
Basketball Girls 5 to 12 4 1 Hour
Soccer Boys 5 to 12 4 1 Hour
Guitar Boys/Girls 3 to 12 8 2 Hours
Piano Boys/Girls 3 to 12
Violin Boys/Girls 3 to 12
Swimming Boys 5 to 12 4 1 Hour
Swimming Girls 5 to 12 4 1 Hour
Ballet Girls 1 to 5 4 1 Hour

Each student can choose a maximum of 3 activities from the list. All activities organized by the school is subject to ADEC approval.