Global English School – Al Ain

Child Protection And Related Safety Issues

The entire campus and the main entrance area are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance.  Cameras are installed at strategic locations, networked and the campus is monitored throughout.  School buses are also fitted with Cameras and GPS technology is in place for monitoring from a central location while the buses are on the move.

Counselling Sessions

School arranges counseling sessions on a regular basis for the students especially for the slow learners and their parents.   A rigorous SEN program is created for the benefit of the students. SEN stands for Special Education Needs and is an essential element of a good education system.

Both our talented and gifted students as well as our students who require intervention should be considered in every lesson and provision made for them. Already the SEN coordinators have assisted teachers in developing special programmes for a number of students with outstanding success. SEN practices became embedded throughout the school as our teachers are up-skilled through workshops and training.

GES – Vision

GES-Open House

Open House

Open houses held by the school frequently enable parents to come in contact with the class-teachers and subject teachers of their wards and discuss problems relating to their progress. Parents should attend these open houses with their children and come forward with constructive suggestions for the improvement of the institution.

Career Guidance

With the higher education landscape changing rapidly, choosing the right path of higher education is becoming a difficult option for high school students.  Lack of exposure and guidance often intimidates students from venturing out in search of a degree.

For the needy, financing the higher education becomes a major hurdle.  Though educational assistance and scholarships are available, the fact is that “Scholarships exist only on paper.”

Higher education is directly proportional to an individual’s market value (capacity to earn) and non-market value (progress and human development).  Appreciating this fact, we at GES provide ample opportunities to our senior students to choose the right path while selecting their higher education, based on their taste, grades, abilities and acumen.

Apart from presenting students for Cambridge International Examinations, our coaching is aimed at preparing students for competitive and entrance examinations for professional courses of various universities.
Thorough orientation on CAIE qualifications to senior students and parents, its wider opportunities throughout the world, seminars for senior students, in house presentations by universities and higher education solution providers, visits of students to education exhibitions and career fairs etc. are arranged regularly to enable the senior students to choose their right career path.  We liaise with British Council and conduct higher education seminars under their leadership involving well known universities from UK within the campus.  Students and parents are greatly benefitted from these direct interactions with the universities and counsellors.

We arrange volunteering programmes for senior students in offices and institutions, exposing them to the real time work experience.  Such sessions also help them to explore the right career path by evaluating various opportunities.