The school functions in a purpose built campus with 60 classrooms. Chemistry, Physics, Biology labs with complete practical learning tools and facilities, computer labs with complete connectivity, Library rich with abundant resources are part of its infrastructure facilities to supplement the teaching-learning process. Classrooms are converted to Smart classrooms with latest gadgets like e-beam, smart boards with high-speed internet connectivity. Separate shaded play area with modern equipment for KG and Primary students, covered play area for elder students with Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badminton facilitates.

GES – Facilities


Extra Curricular Activities

Football Training, Martial Arts, Swimming, Aerobics, Musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Violin and Ballet for primary students etc. are part of the comprehensive education programme.

Our Facilities

Learning Resource center

This facility will become the hub of the school. It will replace the current Library and consist of an improved collection of books and resources. It include a number of study rooms primarily for senior students who will be able to conduct research and study when they are not timetabled in a class. Other small groups may use these rooms as well.

The LRC will provide access to technology for study purposes through online digital resources and the Librarians will be trained to develop research skills with the upper school and to liaise with class teachers from the Junior School to ensure that Library lessons support learning in the class.

Multi-Purpose Auditorium
Multi-Purpose Hall

A new Multi-Purpose Auditorium (MPA) under construction willl be a welcome addition to GES. This air-conditioned facility will allow students to continue their sporting and physical education programs during the heat of spring and summer.In addition, the MPA will provide a venue for performing arts as we develop a Creative and Performing Art Program. It will also be a venue for meetings and social gatherings.

Renovated Science Laboratories

New Chemistry, Physics and Biology Labs are being built alongside the LRC and will provide Science Stream students with excellent facilities. This new Lab will have an exhaust/aeration booth providing the safety requirements for such a facility.

Prayer Rooms

Addition of a dedicated prayer room for both Boys & Girls.


A new Cafeteria that fulfills ADFCA requirements for food preparation is being built will be ready soon. This will allow the school to provide a wider range of healthy and nutritious food freshly produced daily.


Once the building program has been completed, there will be improvements in the playground facilities including a dedicated football field with an artificial turf surface, improved basketball surface, increased shade areas and the development of green areas.

Computer education is an essential segment of our curriculum. It is our aim to prepare the students for the digital technology awaiting him/her in today’s modern society. Since computers have been incorporated into teaching activities, it has been an easy transition for our students.

Our computer lab is designed to be user friendly. We maintain two computer labs, one for primary level students and another for higher level students. Computers supporting the latest technology are installed. A host of software starting from latest edition of Windows to MS Office Suite, Adobe range of powerful designing tools, Macromedia animation tools is available. High speed internet connectivity facilitates the students’ journey to the corners of the world.

ICT infrastructure includes a fair number of machines for the students to individually practice,review and perform. They learn the proper usage of the computer to create their own little master pieces, and of course the teachers are always at hand to assist. No wonder this is one of their favorite spots. A well designed curriculum and methodology is adopted to impart training on Information Technology.

  • Dell OptiPlex Desktops for IT Labs
  • Dell SonicWALL Firewall : IT security
  • Apple iPADs for KG
  • Google Education account : Parent and Staff communication
  • Google Drive : Content sharing & Surveys
  • ACS Time Table software : Time table
  • Alfie Software : Assessment & International Benchmarking
  • Campus Software for Student Management : Student admission and management
  • Grade Expert : Student Performance Management
  • Hodder : Assessment tools for Maths and English
  • Google Chrome : Information broadcasting

Projectors are installed in all classrooms, facilitating Multimedia assisted teaching-learning process. Internet connectivity is also provided in classrooms. Teachers are equipped with laptops and they extensively use Power Point presentations and multimedia content to reinforce what they teach in the classroom.

All KG environments are provided with Apple Ipad and Apple TV with Wi-fi connectivity to facilitate display of rhymes, stories, conservation enhancement tools and other educational entertainment.The school also inculcates digital technology to complement classroom activities. Here, the academic content no longer follows the traditional style! The digitalized versions of lessons hold the children’s interest giving life to their process of learning.

Classrooms are transformed to Interactive Learning Centers where the teachers use various digital aids to assist in the teaching process, replacing the conventional chalk and talk method. Technology enabled Classrooms help the teachers to use digital resources such as educational animations, videos, diagrams and graphics with audio to bring interactivity right inside the classroom, creating a multi-sensory learning for students that help improve their academic performance.

Interactive multimedia assisted learning enhances the performance of the students by facilitating long term retention and retrieval, its dynamic nature encourages active learning and brings the subjects to life and promotes in-depth understanding of the subjects through its engaging content.

This concept of technology enabled education takes a higher level of significance since it is incorporated in the classroom itself where the teaching learning activities actually take place.