In accordance to ADEK Policy (44), GES has an open approach to admitting students from different customs and races.  Special care is taken to correctly place students so as to have every opportunity to achieve at their fullest potential.

Admission to all levels / grades is entertained from February of the previous academic year. The number of available seats for each level is estimated based on available statistics. Expression of interest for admission is accepted in the prescribed format.

Students seeking admission to the school will sit a placement assessment to determine their performance level so that appropriate educational support may be provided. These placement assessments will be in the form of:

  • Baseline assessments: English, Mathematics and Science
  • Specialised Subject assessments for students entering IGCSE/AS/A Level

English is the language of instruction for all the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science as well as the CIE subjects.

Academic Stages

Foundation Stage



Primary School

Primary School


Secondary 1

- Cambridge Checkpoint


Upper Secondary

Upper Secondary


Higher Secondary

- AS & A Levels